B-TEK CORP. established in Taipei County Sanxia township December 2007. We have dedicated to on-line maintenance service of the industrial batteries, building a full battery management technology to raise the reliability of the backup power system and trying to lower our costs. Meanwhile, we do our share for environmental protection by reducing the amount of the waste batteries.
We have the strongest service team and every staff in our company has richly practical experiences. We see meeting every request of the client our goal. Because of the demands of the power system is increasing and the management of the industrial storage batteries is getting more important, so we imported efficient storage battery detecting device and the batteries management technology as well. Refrain the batteries from early deteriorating or early scraping, we have been adjusted and developed the new battery detection analyzing technology according to Taiwan’s working environment. We have the mature technologies and great achievements in the backup power system maintenance service. In order to provide the clients diverse products and service, we successively increase the industrial battery trade, battery installation, battery detecting related device, stationary, SMR storage battery monitoring device trade service and BMS α-1 battery monitor system. 
Management philosophy
  • Safety
  • Profession
  • Improvment
Company History
  • 2020 In 2020, we develop the AI forecast function and start exporting the BMS α-1 to some east-south asian counties, like Indonesia and malaysia.
  • 2019 Semiconductor and chemical industry in Taiwan imported BMS α-1 battery monitor system.
  • 2018 Taiwan power company import BMS α-1 battery monitor system.
  • 2017 B-TEK CORP. developed  AIoT BMS (BMS α-1) battery monitor system, it can effectively monitor the stationary batteries.
  • 2016 Provided the UPS main host regularly checking and early time alarm system installation service.
  • 2016 Taiwan high-speed railway used the high rated (current) discharge test to test batteries.
  • 2015 Developed the special monitoring device for SMR system
  • 2014 The branch office was founded in Yunlin county Tuku township.
  • 2014 The amount of the batteries that had been detected by the high rated discharge test reached 30,000 pieces.
  • 2013 Developed the new detecting analyze report.
  • 2012 Entire panel factory in Taiwan used the high (current) discharge test to test batteries.
  • 2011 CHT used the high (current) discharge test to test batteries.
  • 2010 Lungmen nuclear power plant used the high (current) discharge test to test batteries.
  • 2010 We added the industrial storage batteries trade and installation service.
  • 2009 Taiwan Railway used the high rated (current) discharge test to test batteries.
  • 2009 TSMC used the high rated (current) discharge test to test batteries.
  • 2008 We are the sole agent for the battery detecting device from Japan and set up the detecting service team.
  • 2007 B-TEK Technology INC., LTD established in New Taipei city Sanxia District