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BMU (Battery Monitoring Unit)
  • BMU (Battery Monitoring Unit)
  • BMU (Battery Monitoring Unit)

BMU (Battery Monitoring Unit)

Battery monitoring Unit (BMU) is designed and manufactured in Taiwan by B-TEK CORP. By combining the battery testing experiences over 200,000 industrial batteries with advanced testing technology and successfully developed the BMU. With L type and H type, the BMU enables to measure the electrical parameters and the temperature of stationary batteries from 1.2V to 12V.

Stationary batteries/ UPS/ SMR/ DC charger/ DC bank
Applicable industry:
Measuring and control equipment industry/ electrical equipment industry/ power generation, transmission and distribution machinery industry, battery manufacturing and so on.

Main monitored parameters:

Analyzes the grid corrosion of the battery plate, non-wetting and the rupture problem of the battery terminal.

Avoiding thermal runaway.

Analyzes the optimization and the balance of charge voltage.

Test discharge ability of battery.

Analyzes the problems like electrolyte deterioration, short circuit between positive and negative plates and undercharging.



1. Low current consumption

2. Utilize IEC60896-21/ JIS C 8704-2-1 DC resistance measure princle. Using 1 to 10 ampere short-time micro discharging test to acquire parameters

3. With reverse protection

4. DC discharge test response to the cell energy layer, makes the data we receive quite accurate.