• BMU (Battery Monitoring Unit)

    BMU (Battery Monitoring Unit)

    Battery monitoring Unit (BMU) is designed and manufactured in Taiwan by B-TEK CORP. By combining the battery testing experiences over 200,000 industrial batteries with advanced testing technology and successfully developed the BMU. With L type and H type, the BMU enables to measure the electrical parameters and the temperature of stationary batteries from 1.2V to 12V.

    Stationary batteries/ UPS/ SMR/ DC charger/ DC bank
    Applicable industry:
    Measuring and control equipment industry/ electrical equipment industry/ power generation, transmission and distribution machinery industry, battery manufacturing and so on.
  • AIoT Battery monitoring system

    AIoT Battery monitoring system

    1. Varied battery management styles
    2. 24 hours automatically monitoring
    3. Wi-fi and hotspot connect method
    4. High extensibility of hardware allows user to manage big amount of battery
    5. B-TEK special forecast scatter chart
    6. E-mail alarm notification
    7. Monitoring item includes battery volt., temperature, DCR, micro-discharging volt. and EMF
    8. B-TEK unique AI forecast function
    9. Support modbus TCP/IP, RTU and LAN method
    10. Improve reliability of UPS, DC charger,dc banks and SMR devices.

    BMS α-1 system is able to improve the risk of manual measurement, battery deterioration and power failure, changing battery according to the actual condition of batteries. Besides, the automatic battery equalization function can extend the battery life. Not only can raise the reliability, lower the cost of battery failure, decreasing manual labor also increasing the stuff safety by avoiding the direct contact to the electric device.

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