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YUASA - Japan

*Yuasa lead-acid battery in-process quality control


As graph 1 shows, batteries after manufacturing, must go through some processes, including initial charge, visual inspection and initial detection. Via initial detection, prescreening the unqualified low voltage battery with short time high current discharging test and let the batteries rest for 14 to 28 days. Internal short circuit fault batteries during the standing time will have the low capacity problem. By initial detection, it enables to detect all the short circuit battery. When battery repeated charge, then recheck the battery with another short time high current discharging test. After making sure that the battery discharge character is back to normal then packing the battery and do the outgoing quality control.  

The short time high current discharging testing device that used on the battery manufacturing site is fixed to the battery detecting site, it is not limited to the volume and weight. But the device is not portable during the voltage and weight.




HOPPECKE - Germany


*HOPPECKE - battery manufacturing process 




Enersys - USA







US Battery  - USA


* Auctual detection process



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